Rules and regulations

  1. All visitors must register at the office
  2. Quiet hours: 11pm to 8 am 
  3. Animals on leash at all times and pickup poop
  4. No animals at the beach, pool, toilets, showers and playground 
  5. Music for your ear, please respect your neighbor 
  6. No excessive noise or vulgar language tolerated
  7. Visitors are your responsibility 
  8. Speed limit is 10 km/h 
  9. No bicycles in the sand at the beach, playground, at the pool and on cement pathway at the office
  10. One firepit per site
  11. No motorcycles or 4 wheeler excursions in the park
  12. Washing your vehicle or RV requires office permission 
  13. No shampoo and/ or bathing in the lake 
  14. No waster water on the grounds, please use dumping station 
  15. No cutting or damaging trees
  16. Use ashtrays for cigarette butts
  17. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older) to the beach, pool, toilets, showers and must be on their site from 9am to 9pm
  18. No fireworks, fire arms, projectiles and drugs permitted on grounds 
  19. No clotheslines attached to trees 
  20. Beach and pool unsupervised. Hours and rules posted, please follow 
  21. One car per lot maximum 
  22. Eviction may occur if rules are not respected